Do you need Acting Scenes for classwork or practice?

Do you need material to rehearse? How much time and energy do you spend looking for acting scenes and sides?

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Here at you find over one hundred scenes ready for you to download immediately. Your time is important, so spend it working on your craft, not searching for scenes.

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We've compiled a database of the best acting scripts here at You'll find scenes from movies, theater and television. The scenes are primarily for two characters, either male of female. In fact, there are many sides for two women. You'll discover comedies and dramas. Simply put, is the best source of acting scripts available anywhere.

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Many of the acting scripts are from sources you know, contemporay movies and theater. They range from three minutes and up in length, making them perfect for rehearsal and acting classes. Browse our database of acting scenes and we guarantee you'll find a scene that fits your needs.

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Practicing for a cold read audition? Discover the secrets to scene analyze and developing characters in the Acting Secrets eBook. Quicky locate the transitions and crucial moments of scene. The ebook will give you the secrets to scene anaylsis.

Do you know how to analyze an acting side for a cold read audition?

During a cold read audition, you are handed an acting script, given a few minutes to prepare, and then asked to read. How you analyze and study the side can lead to important character choices and a great audition. Make sure you understand how to breakdown an acting script by getting the Acting Secrets eBook. You'll learn how to breakdown a scene step by step.

  • Develop an interesting character based on the dialogue and context of a scene. Learn how to make interesting choices that will make your audition stand out. The Acting Secrets eBook teaches you how to quickly create character from a script.

  • Discover the tips and tricks to make your character more appealing and interesting. Learn to create private, personal scenes that will draw your audience in and have them hanging on your every word. The Acting Secrets eBook demonstrates how.

  • The Acting Secrets eBook includes acting scenes has step by step examples. Each acting script broken down for you, and you'll see by example how analyze the scene. These scenes are free inside the ebook.

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