Free Method Acting Ebook is please to provide a free on the fundamentals of method acting. Method acting is a set of acting skills and exercises developed by Lee Strasberg at the The Actors Studio. These exercises were based on the work of Constantin Stanislavsky. In this ebook, you'll the three basic concepts of method acting...

  • Relaxation - Relief yourself of the stress and tension of your everyday life and become a clean slate for you acting.
  • Concentration - Learn to concentrate on an "object" as the character would and become oblivious of the audience and stage fright
  • Sense Memory - Use your memory of actual objects to create sensory objects and invoke emotional responses.

The ebook is packed with the various exercises used to practice the skills of all the basic elements. The exercises are explained thoroughly and you'll be able to start training immediately. You'll learn the techniques to become a method actor.

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Method Acting eBook

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