How Danny Devito Got His Big Break

You may recognize Danny Devito from his roles in movies like Tim Burtons "Batman Returns", "Get Shorty" with John Travolta, "Twins" with Arnold Schwarzenegger or "Throw Mama From The Train" with Billy Crystal. But do you know how he got his big break in Hollywood?

Danny Devito had a role in the stage production of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and the movie version. But these roles never lead to commercial success for the actor. Instead, his character Louie DePalma on the television series Taxi launched his career. Louie was the gruff, inconsiderate, rude and loud dispatcher at the fictional New York Sunshine taxi cab company.

During the Taxi audition, he threw down the side (industry term for a 2-3 minute scene) he had been given to read and exclaimed "who wrote this shit!" Everyone on the casting side of the room burst out laughing, and Danny Devito got the role. From Taxi he went on to considerable success as an actor and a producer.

Normally you would not want to insult the show or it's writers during the audition. Why did he win the role based on his actions? Because he was in character. He made strong choices about who the character Louie Depalma was. He decided that his character would be loud and inconsiderate. "Who wrote this shit" is something Louie Depalma would say. The casting people ate it up. His interpretation of the character was what they had envisioned. That's why he landed the role.

You can deliver outstanding auditions just like Danny Devito. You can make strong choices about your character for an audition based on the side. You simply have to analyze the side before the audition and make choices for your character.

Do you know how to prepare for your audition?

Most auditions are held by a process called cold reading. A side is an acting industry term for a two or three minute scene from the movie or play script. A reading is when an actor or actress gives a performance from a side. A cold read is when the actor or actress has not had a chance to review the side and prepare a character prior to the reading.

Most auditions are cold read audtions. A typical audition consists of you getting a side when you arrive an audition. You will have ten or fifteen minutes to read over the side and prepare to read in front of the casting director or agent. The casting agent will decide to call you back or not based on your cold read. Do you know what to do in those ten minutes to prepare for your audition?

  • How should you develop a character in ten minutes?
  • Should you try and memorize as much of the side as you can?
  • What should you do if you are reading with the casting director or agent?
  • What do you do if you are paired with another actor or actress?
  • Does the scene require you to cry on command?
  • Will you have to improvise parts of the audition?
  • What will you do without props and proper setting? Is your character supposed to enter through a door?

Get the Acting Secrets eBook now to discover the answers. The Acting Secrets eBook teaches you how to deliver a great cold read. Delivering a great cold read is the most important step toward wining an acting role.

The Acting Secrets eBook is perfect for learning how to perform cold reads. You'll find techniques you can use in auditions, acting classes and for practice.

You'll find out how to quickly analyze a side. The Acting Secrets eBook will guide you through the important decisions of creating a character. You'll be able to quickly develope a character from a scene by breaking it down in the following steps

  • The setting of the scene.
  • The relationship between the characters.
  • The conflict driving the scene.
  • The wants of each character.
  • The emotional colors of the characters.
  • Determining the moment before.

You'll learn how to apply the technical aspects of acting to a scene. The Acting Secrets eBook demonstrates how to move, speak and react in your cold read. You'll see how do each of the following.

  • make eye contact
  • pace the scene
  • block the scene
  • maintain the fourth wall
  • voice projection

In addition, the Acting Secrets eBook teaches you how to bring your character to life. Learn tips and tricks to become your character. You'll create personal and private scenes that the casting agent or your audience will love to watch.

  • substitution
  • making use of body language
  • playing the opposite
  • reacting
  • free movements

Learn all these secrets through specific examples. Each step in the Acting Secrets eBook is demonstrated through two example scenes, one comedy and one drama. These two scenes are included free with the Acting Secrets eBook.

The first scene is from No Time for Sergeants. This comedy was brought to the screen in 1958. Andy Griffith burst to stardom in the role of Will Stockdale. This scene will leave your audience in stitches.

The second scene is from A Few Good Men, directed by Rob Reiner. This gripping drama starred Tom Cruise and Demi Moore in the lead roles. In the included scene, you'll see the frustration of the lead defense attorney Kaffee.

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