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The Mirror

The mirror exercise is the next sense memory exercise. In this exercise you attempt to create the sensory object of your own image in a mirror. Later, you can add the activity of shaving or putting on makeup.

You are trying to determine if you can explore the sensory object of your reflection in a mirror. Are you simply following a habitual sequence and going through the motions of an activity or are you able to create you sensory reflection?

The exercise is beneficial in determining your personality. If you are unable to recreate the sensory object of your image, then you most likely have difficulty expressing emotions. It follows that you will have difficulty expression emotion on stage. At this point, you must recognize that you need to work on expressing emotions. Alternatively, if you are able to create the sensory object, then most likely do not having difficulty expressing emotion.

Shoes And Socks

The next sensory exercise is shoes and socks. In this exercise you try to create the sensory objects of shoes and socks. The exercise is putting on these sensory objects.

Getting Undressed

The next exercise is getting undressed. You create the sensory objects of underwear and undress.

Are you self-conscious or inhibited when performing this exercise?

The remaining sense memory exercises are listed below. These are more advanced exercises and cannot all be covered here. In particular "Sunshine" moves beyond physical sensory objects to a feeling. In that exercise you are re-living the stimuli for sunlight on your skin.

  • The breakfast drink
  • The mirror
  • Shoes and socks
  • Getting undressed
  • Three pieces of fabric
  • Sunshine
  • Sharp pain
  • Sharp taste/sharp smell
  • Sound or sight
  • Place
  • Overall Sensations - Bath, Shower, Wind, Rain, Sauna, Extreme Heat, Extreme Cold
  • Personal Object
  • Combinations of two, then three, four
  • Private Moment

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